4 Tips On Decorating Your Garden Gazebo

You might be looking at constructing a garden gazebo soon or you might be simply looking to decorate your existing one. You can buy decorations or you can make some yourself if you have a creative flare. You can do this easily if you are good with wood. Once you have the gazebo there are several decorations you can come up with to make it look effortless and chic. Here are some tips on how you could decorate it:

Add some colorful curtains

If you want to make your gazebo stand out you must add some glam to it. You can try adding curtains around the areas or apertures. You must choose a color which matches the flowers on the garden too. It is best if you can use a fabric which will bring about a very appealing look. You must select a cloth which can be washed easily and will require minimum ironing. It will be nice if you are considering one of the several modern types of gazebos out there. You must also think about the fabric length especially if it is very large in size. The curtains have a dual purpose as they increase the amount of privacy and protect you from the direct sunlight.

Add some flowy fabric

You must use a fabric which is flowy and provides a romantic vibe. You can try using fabric which will cascade down the middle. You will simply need to attach the cloth to each corner of the gazebo and try tightening it so that it will flow towards the center. You can use a fabric like tulle or organza too.

Use ribbons and flowers

You must use ribbons and flowers to decorate your gazebo in Sydney. Some gazebos might not require anything much at all and others might require more design time. You can try intertwining strips of ribbons to make it more eye catching. You can even attach them at similar intervals around the top of the pillars too. You can use fresh flowers or artificial ones. You can try attaching flowers in garlands around it. If you try using curtains and ribbons try to complement the two so that your gazebo doesn’t look like a gaudy party in the sun!

Use lights

You will need lights for you gazebo. There are several types of lights out there but focus on using lights which you will enjoy. You can try using string lights, artificial candle lights which are battery operated and even lanterns. Keep the lighting dim for the romantic, classy vibe.

Remember to decorate your gazebo the way you want it to look like. You can get an expert decorator or a friend who knows interior decoration to get the job done for you!