What Is Brand Identity Design?

The terminology of brand, branding and brand identity design is often used and most of the people consider them under the same meaning. Although, these terms are quite similar and relate to each other but there are some things which make them different. A brand is something that is like a name for the company that you own. Just like human names the name of the companies are what through which these are introduced in the market and just as the unique names make a person different from other a company brand name works in the same way.

The term brand refers how the people perceive your company, the term branding is the name of the procedures that involves various activities through which your brand is communicated to the people and then the brand identity design tells the overall image of your company to your client based on the number of brands that you provide and the services that you own.

There are basically three components that together make up the brand identity design in Melbourne. These components are the brand culture and values that you present or acquire, what position do you hold in the market and what are the visuals of your brands. There are two ways through which a business company or some graphic design agency can market the brand and communicate it to the world. One way is tangible way that is either making posters, fliers or pamphlets and the other way is the intangible that is creating ads, creating visual representations and either making logos.

In this respect you can attain the services of some graphic design agency that will do the marketing for you or if your own visualization is good enough then you can create the logo yourself. One thing while making the logo must be considered that the logo must differentiate the company from other companies and must be unique. There are many trusted graphic design agencies and even are some freelancer graphic designers who can help you in designing a unique logo. The cost or fee for this task varies and depends on the repute of the company some freelancer designer may design the logo for you in 50 $ but the same task will be done by some reputed company in 200 $. Although, the quality of work may vary in both cases. However, no matter who makes the logo and does the branding but it must be as such so that it sustains on client mind and is able to attract people.